Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Final Year Portfolio

For the final year portfolio module we had to chose 3 areas of research that could be anything of interest and used as a source of inspiration.

I chose Food & Drink Brands, Architecture of Leeds & Quentin Tarrantino Movies... as you can see they could be as diverse or specific as you liked. We had to produce a research journal for each area.

Once we had collated our research and inspiration we chose 5 fashion brands to design seasonal collections for.

I chose Sibling, Pringle, Urban Outfitters, Diesel and H&M.

We then had to create a customer profile, mood board and fabric/yarn board for each collection to base our designs from. The next stage was design development - pages of sketching garment ideas using inspiration from the research. Once we had plenty of well developed design ideas, we chose the best 24 pieces (for each collection) and then illustrated them professionally for portfolio presentation (see below).



Urban Outfitters



                                                       All work © Julia Handley 2012

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