Friday, 4 February 2011

Handley hand-me-down

My Nan hand-knitted this cardigan for my Grandad in 1982. When I found it in her wardrobe it was very fousty and moth-eaten but after a little TLC it's good as new :) It's made from 100% wool in a gorgeous sea green colour and knitted in moss stitch all over which gives it a lovely texture. It has two little front pockets and these cute embossed silver buttons - it's the details that make the simple design so special. Obviously it's a little big for me because my Grandad was a big chap but luckily oversized/slouchy knitwear is on trend and it looks great worn over a shirt and skinny jeans. Leeds is still freezing so this cardigan is getting a lot of wear (which it deserves)!!!

In next Tuesday's design class we're all bringing in the garment we've had the longest, our most recent purchase, the garment we're going to throw away next and the garment we imagine keeping for the longest. Should be interesting... But this cardigan will definitely be the garment I imagine keeping the longest because it's sentimental, unique, classic and beautifully hand-made. Well done Nan, you're a genius. x


  1. fabulous! loving that you resurrected this old piece...looks great.


  2. Gorgeous jumper! Brilliant colour with the buttons too.