Monday, 27 December 2010

Mark Fast

One of my favourite knitwear designers that I have discovered this term is Mark Fast who studied at Central Saint Martins and now works in his own studio in London. He creates very intricate, highly detailed and body concious designs which are more like a beautiful piece of art.

Mark designs by hand on a domestic knitting machine and he has devised innovative stitching techniques, blending lycra with viscose, angora or wool. He is inspired by the endless possibilities of lycra yarns, sculpting areas of tension and areas of volume over the body.   Obsessed with texture, Mark’s most recent work explores the relationship of garments to the wearers body. 

Seeing Rihanna (one of my favourite music artists) wearing a Mark Fast dress on the front cover of Marie Claire, December 2010 Christmas Issue, inspired me to write a post about this genius. I love his use of all over eyelets and ladders to reveal flesh and create futuristic patterns and shape. He also uses striking colours to enhance his unique designs and is also NOT afraid to use models with larger figures on the catwalk to showcase his work which I think is an excellent way to promote anti size zero - it's not just skinny girls that can wear his sexy, "barely-there" designs and look great in them! I'm going to email Mark and see if he can offer me a short placement over summer - imagine that - wowowowowow !!!

Rihanna + Mark Fast =  <3



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  1. I haven't seen this style before. I really like it actually. It is very unique!